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76% of marketing budgets produce ZERO results
We can help you get and close hot B2B leads
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The Perfect Blend
A combined marketing approach tailored to your needs
and laser targeting your preferred customers.

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Test. Track. Optimize. Repeat.

Continuous Optimization for the Best ROI
We constantly test and tweak your campaigns
ensuring you always get the best results.

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LeadFocus: What You Get

B2B Lead Generation
Lead Generation Outreach to deliver you hot leads and grow your business
Search Engine Optimization
Aggressive Search Engine Optimization to help your business grow in online visibility and attract qualified leads
Social Media Marketing
Highly Targeted Social Media Marketing to get your offer to the best potential leads
Lead Nurturing & Closing
Next-level Lead Nurturing to follow up on your hot leads and help you close them. "Coffee is for closers!"

LeadFocus Monthly Packages

Not sure which level is right for your business? Contact us today and we'll help you determine how aggressive you need to be in your niche.
  • Basic
  • Lead Generation
  • 800+ Email Prospects
  • Lead Nurturing & Closing
  • Basic SEO Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Medium Ad Budget
  • Choose Basic Tier
  • Aggressive
  • Lead Generation
  • 1200+ Email Prospects
  • Lead Nurturing & Closing
  • Aggressive SEO Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Aggressive Ad Budget
  • Social Outreach
  • Retargeting Campaign
  • Choose Aggressive Tier
  • High Competition
  • Lead Generation
  • 2000+ Email Prospects
  • Lead Nurturing & Closing
  • High Competition SEO Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing
  • High-Comp Ad Budget
  • Social Outreach
  • Retargeting Campaign
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign
  • Choose High-Comp Tier

How it Works

Why LeadFocus?
What could every business use? More sales with less acquisition cost. That’s where LeadFocus picks up the slack.

LeadFocus is a top tier B2B Marketing service. We use a multi-pronged approach that includes Lead Generation & Nurturing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Advertising to get you more customers and methodically grow your business month after month.

It’s a flat fee per month, no hiring staff, no managing staff, no bother. LeadFocus will deliver hot leads and customers to your existing sales staff, ready to close. We can even deliver these directly into your existing CRM system if desired. At the same time, we will be increasing your online visibility in organic search results and social media channels, bringing more eyeballs to your site and offers.

Each and every business, product, and optimal customer profile are unique. That's why we use a mix of the highest-converting and beneficial types of marketing to get our clients both quick and long-term results - getting them hot leads while continually growing their brand and offering visibility.

We constantly test and compare results to improve conversion rates, lead quality, and brand/offering visibility, and will provide you with detailed reports on the most important metrics for you to track and view progress.

TL;DR To sum up, LeadFocus uses a combination of proprietary software and algorithms, prospecting databases, Google-friendly SEO techniques, social media marketing, and proactive communication from qualified and trained salespeople to produce the following:
  • Hot leads, ready to close.
  • Increased search visibility and top search rankings in your targeted niche and industry for increasing qualifed web traffic
  • Retargeting advertising to remind your customer of your offer regularly
  • Domination of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn in for visibility, authenticity, and more customers.
What do you do?
  1. Answer some questions about your products/services, desired customer profiles, competition level and competitors
  2. After we look deeper into your niche and competition we will give you a recommendation on which level marketing package is right for you
  3. Choose a package level and sign up
  4. Start receiving hot leads, increased rankings, and more web and social media traffic from your target customers
  5. Enjoy watching your business grow while we continually test and optimize everything for you.
Who can benefit from a LeadFocus campaign?
LeadFocus is a business to business marketing solution. Our specialty is working with larger businesses that will generate long term residual sales, vs small, one-time purchases. Our program is a perfect fit for finding and closing new customers and distributors in your category of business. LeadFocus campaigns will also help grow your B2C business as well, if you sell directly to consumers, as your organic web traffic and social media traffic continues to grow.
How long will it take to see results?
We begin contacting prospective leads within 15 business days of starting, and hot leads can start responding immediately. Our campaigns will see their strongest results after 60-90 days of testing and optimization.

While we recommend campaigns in blocks of 6 or 12 months, we don't do contracts. Why? We firmly believe that working together is the ONLY way to achieve success, and that success means more customers and increased business for you. Your ROI is always our top priority and our desire is to keep you as a client from continued success. If that's not happening, you can choose to cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

“LeadFocus blew us away with our first lead generation campaign. We received more hot leads than our sales team could handle and actually had to pause the campaigns in order to catch up. Incredible service and well worth the cost!”

– Steve Wolf CEO of MORE Surface Care


“Excellent results. LeadFocus delivered hot leads in our exact target audience. The SEO efforts have delivered steady increases in rankings and organic traffic over the last 3 years. The retargeting ads were also very successful in reminding prospective clients to revisit our site. We really appreciate the hard work!”

– Austin Romansky CMO of

LeadFocus takes your business to new heights...

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